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 Sicilian Citrus Salad




This is a very old Sicilian recipe, handed down from generation to generation. The Favalosa Olive Oil has been referred to as liquid gold because of its rich and luxurious taste in the front of the mouth, combined with the characteristic pepperiness at the back of the throat. This dish is simple but simultaneously an explosion of interesting notes of walnut, green tomato, butter and cream set off by the orange or grapefruit.


2 oranges /grapefruit/ peeled and thinly sliced and deseeded (rinse and wipe the fruits well before peeling)

1 onion sliced in rings

Half a cup black olives pitted

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (traditionally Favalosa olive oil was used)

Coarse Himalayan or another salt

Thinly sliced fennel bulb (optional)


Place thinly sliced orange rings on a platter. Place onion rings and pitted black olives on top. Dress this salad with olive oil and salt and sliced fennel (optional). Make this salad at least an hour before serving, which will allow the olive oil to become infused with the citrus juice. Serve as a salad with Mediterranean food (like anti-pasta) or on its own with Ciabatta and goats cheese.


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