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Kredouw Team April 2016

Kredouw Olive Estate is about building a better future for our employees. It is about creating a family that share the responsibility of creating a business that is sustainable.  Seeing that we started here in 2013, we are very aware that we need to focus on what is in front of us, in terms of the immediate needs of our employees and their families. Our aim is poverty alleviation through short and long term strategies that are do-able replicable in time and low cost.

Our short term dream is to uplift their lives in terms of the following empowerment initiatives:

1. Employment development – ongoing training in terms of necessary skills – like effective pruning of the trees, continuous endeavours to improve management of the farm irrigation, soil management, weed control management, organizational skills to run the storerooms, specialized training to run the Pieralisi Olive Press, management of Olive factory in terms of bottling and orders, administrative skills of capturing data necessary for farm management, hospitality training, computer skills and driving lessons.

We are in the process where every employer has a department that they manage and are responsible for, with a weekly meeting to discuss problems and to plan together as a team for the next week. The intention is to teach all employees that they are part of a team and that each one makes up a part of the whole – holistic approach

2. Personal Development – Free individual counselling (registered psychologist) to address personal challenges in the community that is affecting them, like alcohol abuse, foetal alcohol syndrome, domestic violence etc.

3. Group discussions about the relevant issues in their immediate lives and brainstorming sessions about possible solutions.


Our longterm dream is to develop Kredouw for the benefit of everyone involved and for the future generations to come. We are dedicated to giving back to the local community.